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Gender Conformity (3) – Kathy Kersten

A child’s ability to resolve gender dysphoria tends to correlate with
parental attitudes, with success much more likely if parents minimize the
problem, which is exactly the opposite of what transgender ideologues such
as the Edwards are doing.

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A Medical Response to Alberta Education’s Gender Diversity: Guidelines for Best Practices – Donna Trimble

Secondly, we are concerned that the conclusions drawn from this document are faulty, namely that a child’s subjective gender self-identification be accepted without question or concern and, thereby, encouraged and entrenched. Mr. Eggen’s proposal states that “No student or family should be referred to programs which purport to ‘fix’ ‘change or ‘repair’ a student’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.” This naïve and oppressive statement disregards the underlying emotional, mental or physical reasons that might lead someone to identify sexually as someone other than his or her morphological and genetic identity. Nowhere else in medicine, other than gender identity and sexuality, is such a reckless stance taken or practiced presently.

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