2017 Lutheran Reformation

Lutheran/Roman Catholic Dialogue

  • From Conflict to Communion – 12 issues
    • 1. Lutherans and Catholics agree/disagree on Baptism
    • 2. C2C declares JDDJ has the “highest level of authority”
    • 3. Justification must decrease so that unity may increase
    • 4. C2C conceals the Catholic rejection of “faith alone”
    • 5. C2C’s focus on “Luther’s theology” disguises a caricature of Luther
    • 6. Why not rescind the 1521 excommunication of Luther?
    • 7. C2C creates a caricature of Luther on scripture by omitting its gospel center
    • 8. C2C hides the Vatican view: Lutherans are not really, truly “Church”
    • 9. C2C assumes papal primacy and infallibility are inevitable
    • 10. Mary, Mary, why are they hiding you?
    • 11. C2C glides over the ordination of women
    • 12. C2C kicks the can down the road: Lutherans must concede to unity on Rom’s terms
  • LTSP Faculty Evaluation of Vol 7 (1985)

Lifting the Condemnations

Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (JDDJ)



Luther and the Jews