L/RC dialogue VIII: The One Mediator, The Saints, and Mary

The One Mediator, The Saints, and Mary. Lutherans and Catholics in Dialogue VIII. Edited by H. George Anderson, J. Francis Stafford, and Joseph A. Burgess. Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1992.

The “Lutheran Reflections” section of Round VIII of the US Lutheran/Catholic dialogue was adopted unanimously by the officially-appointed AELC, ALC, LCA, and LC-MS members of the dialogue team.

CS       Common Statement

  • Sections of “The One Mediator, the Saints, and Mary,” of this volume.

* * *

Lutheran Reflections

(1) What does this Common Statement mean for actual life in Lutheran churches? Very much indeed. In summary fashion, it is possible to see that we have much in common with Roman Catholics on the subject of the sole mediatorship of Christ, the Saints, and Mary.

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